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Baby Astle and an Indoor Session…

I always hesitate to shoot indoors because I don’t use any on or off camera flash and wrestling with the limited light inside is tough. I want people to have images they love and low-lit images don’t do it.

But this was a different story. This home had two prerequisites: Open spaces and large windows. And these were in abundance. We shot in the grandparents’ home which happen to be my professor for some design, creativity and interior design classes when I attended Utah State. Needless to say the home was beautiful. The large open spaces allowed me to let the baby go wherever she wanted and I had room to lie down or move around with the prime lens I was using. The large windows (which covered an entire wall) allowed really nice light that wasn’t harsh. Very soft. And the baby…well, see for yourself. She’s perfect! Enjoy… Click on each image for a larger version.